Frequently Asked Questions


How long are your classes?

For Summer group classes, they run from Monday to Friday, 2 hours per session. For 1 on 1 classes, student has the option to choose from 1hr/session or 2hrs/session.

Do you always have classes?

The scheduled summer and school year classes as posted. We can also schedule private one-on-one or group classes upon request. You may also inquire about our classes on our email at

How many students are there in one group class?

There can be as much as 4 students in a group class.

Do you offer classes on weekends?

Yes, we offer classes on weekends.

What time can we book 1-on-1 classes?


What courses do you offer for corporate clients?

All corporate courses are upon request.

How much are your classes?

Kids & Teens (Private Lessons) Local Package: 10 Lessons (10 x 1 hour): PHP 8,000 Adults (Private Lessons) Local Package: 10 Lessons (10 x 1 hour): PHP 15,000 Summer Group Classes: Kids & Teens (5 Lessons x 2 hours): PHP 5,000 Adults (5 Lessons x 2 hours): Starts at PHP 9,000

What course should my child take if he/she doesn’t have a coding background?

We have courses that are suitable for kids and teens with little to zero knowledge in coding. For kids, they may start from Coding 101. For teens, they may start with any of the following: Python for Teens 1 Make Your Own Web 2 Digital Design Courses For adults, they may start with any of the following: Intro to Python Basic Web Development with Bootstrap

Can we do twice a week classes?

Yes, we offer 1-on-1 classes so you may set the schedule for the 1-on-1 sessions on the days and time you prefer.

Is there interaction with other classmates?

Yes, we offer group classes which encourage interaction with classmates.

How do I know what class to enroll my child?

You may email us at We can recommend classes that will be a good fit for your child.

Now that I am enrolled, what’s next?

Kindly expect an email on the class details. This email will contain the links and codes on our materials.

Do you have classes for July and August?

Yes, we offer classes for July and August.

Payment Options

How can we pay for the courses?

You may pay through any of the following options: 1. Debit/Credit Card You can pay using your credit or debit card via Paypal payment gateway 2. Unionbank Account number 002020033064 The Coding School, Inc. Unionbank Pasong Tamo JTKC Branch 3. Paypal

Continuity of Classes

May we request for advanced courses after completing the suggested pathway?

Yes, the student may proceed to a more advanced course.

What happens when you're done with a specific pathway?

Once you’re done with a specific pathway, you may proceed to another pathway that your child would be interested in. Our coaches can also recommend a pathway that suits your child once he/she has finished a specific pathway. Kindly refer to the image below:

Class Materials

Which browser is best to use?

It's best to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the online classes.

What device/s could be used?

Students will be using laptops with Zoom for online classes. For a better learning experience, we recommend the use of Windows or Macintosh laptops over tablets. The minimum computer specifications for our courses are detailed below: 1. Windows

  • 2GHz or faster processor, 8GB RAM
  • Please install the most recent operating system and web browser.
2. Macintosh
  • 2GHz or faster processor, 8GB RAM
  • Please install the most recent operating system and web browser.
3. We do not support
  • Taking courses or viewing videos on mobile devices
  • Linux/Chromebook
  • Beta versions of any software

Where do you conduct your classes?

Our classes are conducted online via Zoom App. For a seamless experience, kindly abide by the online class requirements:

  1. Laptop/PC with webcam
  2. Stable internet access
  3. Installed Zoom video conferencing platform
  4. Enrolled in assigned Google Classroom
We will be providing a link to Zoom and Google Classroom upon enrollment.

Do you have iPad-friendly courses?

Students must use either a PC or a Laptop with a webcam to properly perform the class activities.

What programs do we use for the classes?

1. Zoom Conferencing (Alternate tools available upon request) 2. Programs to be used: a. Kids and Teens Coding Basics: Scratch Data Science: Google Colab Web Development: Visual Studio Code Game Development: Scratch / Unity Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator b. Adults Data Science: Google Colab Web Development: Bootstrap

Do we need to buy/download Photoshop or Illustrator?

You should have your own Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator application in order to take the Graphic Design courses. If you do not have Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator in your laptop, you'll need to download the application.

Are the class materials available online?

Yes, we will provide class materials through Google Classroom.

What if I encounter technical difficulties during class?

We will do our best to help you troubleshoot the problem. For a better class experience, please double-check your audio, video, and internet connection before class starts.

What should we prepare before class?

Please have the programs for class opened on your laptop before class.

How do I enter Google Classroom?

Once enrolled into the class, you will be given a code to enter Google Classroom.

I have completed the course. How can I access the certificate?

Certificates are emailed upon finishing the course.

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