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Kids & Teens

Online classes for May-August

Online classes for students age 6 to 18 years old. Choose from Coding Basics, Game Dev, Web Dev, Data Science, and Design!


PHP 5,000

Adults & Professionals

Online Classes for May-August

Online classes for professionals who want to upskill with web development and data science courses.


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1-on-1 Tutorials

Online Private Classes

Book a dedicated, live, online coding coach to teach you the programming language of your choice.


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Dado Banatao

Innovator, Entrepreneur

Education, innovation and entrepreneurship are the pillars needed to advance a country.  Investing in education creates an opportunity for the mind to produce. The Coding School provides classes that support these pillars and will equip children and adults with tools to prepare them for the new future.

Isabel Sieh

Founder, Girls Will Code

I recommend The Coding School because they give you the tools to create and solve problems. Having an online coding coach and meeting other girls in the classes helps in getting motivated in pursuing a STEM path.  I also teach at the Coding School so I know it's a good community to be part of.

Karla Badong

Government Employee

The Coding School classes equip learners with knowledge and skill, producing critical thinkers and problem solvers.  It is a valuable skill for self-development and career advancement.

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